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Hacked to Death


Hugo H. Dorzel is misogynistic, xenophobic, foulmouthed, ill-tempered, oversexed, and a pathological liar. He is also the President of the United States—and the best friend the Russians have ever had in the White House.


But Dorzel faces a serious reelection challenge and, despite unleashing a tsunami of disinformation about his opponent, the Russians seem unable to prevent his campaign from falling further and further behind.


Cybersleuth Will Manningham discovers that someone is killing people by hacking into their pacemakers and other life-saving devices and suspects that the increasingly desperate Russians are preparing to assassinate Dorzel's rival.


The president's voluptuous Russian paramour, Alexandra Parushnikova, could be the key to the mystery, but the FBI's hands are tied when they want to investigate her.


Will Manningham has only a few weeks to unravel the deadly scheme before the decisive moment arrives.



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After enduring tragedies with earlier pregnancies, Martina and Derek Johnson have high hopes for their next baby. But the infant is born much too early and shows no signs of life in the delivery room. Dr. Sarah Belden, a pediatrician-in-training, must make a split-second choice: declare the baby to be stillborn and let nature take its course, or do everything possible to save him.


Sarah makes a fateful decision to resuscitate the tiny premature infant. The child survives but is severely disabled. Sarah can only watch as the loving young couple struggles to cope with the demands of caring for their son.


Sarah repeatedly second-guesses her decision and becomes tormented by self-doubt that threatens to destroy her promising career and her own budding family. The final conflicts rage when the Johnsons, crushed by medical debt and weary from stress, reluctantly agree to drag themselves and Sarah Belden through the nobody-wins ordeal of a medical malpractice lawsuit.


check back -- release t.b.d.



Operating on American soil but controlled from Moscow, the Russian mob has assembled a criminal network of shady doctors and corrupt U.S. officials in a massive conspiracy.


The Russians plant secret agents in the government, deploy vicious assassins, partner with corrupt US officials, and bankroll greedy leaders of American corporations to steal billions of dollars with deadly medical care scams. They inflict dreadful consequences on trusting patients with phony diagnoses, worthless treatments, and unnecessary drugs.


When the insidious scheme ravages his own family, young cybersleuth Will Manningham and his wife Sally take on the mob in a deadly struggle that pits his brain and supercomputer and her shrewdness and courage against the international crime ring.



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Deadly Bargain


Eleanore Hinkel thinks she has a simple tummy ache but it's appendicitis and she needs surgery. She's rushed to Northeast Suburban Hospital where highly-regarded surgeon Dr. Matthew McDonald performs the operation. But something goes terribly wrong and her family can only watch helplessly as she slowly withers away and dies.


Other patients in the same hospital are needlessly going from the operating table to the autopsy table but the secrets behind their deaths are buried with them.


Cybersleuth Will Manningham uncovers the trail of mysterious deaths and joins with the FBI to reveal the Deadly Bargain the hospital has made with Alexandra Parushnikova and her Russian masters.



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